How Our Software Helps


How Can Our Software Help Your CA Gen Project?

If you are using CA Gen to develop systems you will already know that it is one of the most solid and dependable software development platforms available today. It provides a proven development environment for producing and maintaining high performance enterprise solutions.

At the core of CA Gen development is the encyclopedia. It is within this repository that the models of your business are created and developed which are eventually converted into your final system. The encyclopedia itself stores its information in a number of inter-related tables. The most important and central of these are the objects, properties and associations tables. With such a simple core, the encyclopedia has a very powerful and flexible structure enabling it to store the many complexities of large mission critical systems in a very efficient manner.

The downside to this power and flexibility is that to actually get information out of the encyclopedia and present it in a meaningful way is not straightforward. Unfortunately as part of their day to day activities, this is exactly what a development team requires. Whatever the stage of a project - analysis and design, construction, testing and maintenance - the development team has information needs from the encyclopedia that are difficult to satisfy.

The only options available are to either run resource hungry and time consuming reports directly against encyclopedia models or worse still, to actually extract (checkout) subsets of the encyclopedia models and browse them using the CA Gen workstation toolset. Having to resort to such contentious and slow methods to merely look at the information stored in the encyclopedia - which after all represents a huge investment and is the basis for all development - has a direct and adverse effect on the overall productivity of a project.

That is where our tools come in. They give developers and administrators fast direct access into the CA Gen Encyclopedia without the need to run reports or checkout subsets. Independent evaluations have reported up to 4 hours saved per developer per week for projects using our solutions - that's a 10% increase in productivity.

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