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Select your object type(s) and search on name, trancode, domain, member name or object ID for an instant list of applicable objects. Multiple search words with AND/OR options are catered for. Also search on literals contained within all action diagrams or note statements and objects changed by an individual user or across an entire model.


Expand on objects to display related objects. Move from one object to another via parent/child relationships, dialog flows, action block calls, create, read, update and delete statements and entity relationships.


Display action diagrams, user details or windows/dialog box designs, comprehensive entity and attribute information or physical table definitions including foreign keys and indexes. Use the Tree function to get a hierarchical display of the structure of procedures, procedure steps and action blocks.


List all models that contain an object via common ancestry or optionally where common ancestry has been lost. The last User ID, last date and time changed can also be seen - very useful in multi-release projects or shared object environments.


Where difference versions of objects exist across models, you can compare the Browse command output for the different versions or the properties of those objects. For action diagrams, you can see the actual logic differences between two versions of an action diagram or the differences between the properties of those versions. For entities, subject areas, tables and databases, all subordinate objects are compared and property differences highlighted.

Impact Analysis

Thinking of changing an object or already made a change? Impact Analysis shows the (potential) impact of those changes for action blocks and externals, procedure steps, aggregate sets, entities and attributes, work attribute sets and work attributes and triggers. For an action block, see a complete list of all load modules that could require a link and bind if changes were made. Nested action block calls are resolved and displayed.