What Authorities Does Someone Need to Update Objects Using Access Gen?

Encyclopedia Administrators restrict access for models based on the authorities they grant to AllFusion Gen users and user groups. In this way environments can be maintained in a controlled manner. Access Gen uses the exact same AllFusion Gen authorities to dictate whether users can perform update tasks that are requested via the tool. So if a developer does not have update authority in a model, he can't use Access Gen (TSO) to create subsets for instance. Migrate requests also require the necessary authority to be permitted.

Pre-migrate checks are not subject to security checks as they are a read only process. A pre-migrate check is not related to the AllFusion Gen Trial Migrate facility in any way and performs no migration processing. It executes a set a checks based on the wide-ranging experience we have had for the reasons that migrates fail. For further information please use the Further Information Request link in the left hand menu bar.