Action Diagram Browse "Method or Property" Message when first Browsed.

Sometimes, a Dialog Box displays the following message when and Action Diagram is first browsed after a cache refresh:

InPutLocalEditSymbolsUnable to find method or property : 80020006

When the Dialog Box is OK'd, the action diagram is retrieved and displayed by the CSE Access / CSE-Edit client.

The client waits until the Dialog Box is OK'd - effectively hanging the client.

For subsequent browses of an action diagram, there is no problem - the action diagram is retrieved to the client with no user action.

Solution :

The problem "UNABLE TO FIND METHOD OR PROPERTY : 80020006", is a registry problem.

From a command prompt change to the CSE-ACCESS / CSE-EDIT SERVER directory and then type the following : regsvr32 wru500n.dll

This will register this DLL, which will fix this issue.