Setting Up CSE-Access / CSE_Edit Version 6 to run in an Oracle SQL*NET Environment

A pre-requisite to the installation of CSE-Access / CSE-Edit Version 6.1.x is the installation of Oracle NET8 as the connectivity client to the Oracle database. NET8 can be used to successfully connect to an Oracle 7 database if necessary.

The general recommendation for installation is to install the Oracle NET8 client on a Win NT/2000/XP machine and create an Oracle alias to the encyclopedia. Then install the CSE-Access server on that same machine. The CSE-Access / CSE-Edit Server can be installed on the same machine as the encyclopedia but this is not recommended for very active encyclopedias particularly if CSE construction is being used.

For Oracle 7 users, who already require SQL*NET for other applications, it is possible to install SQL*NET and NET8 on the same machine which would allow applications using SQL*NET and NET8 to run simultaneously, as follows:

1. Using REGEDIT backup (export) the registry key: HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE
2. Run setup for Oracle 8i Client (Assuming version 8.1.6).
3. When asked Choose to use a NEW Oracle HOME e.g. ORA8NT
4. Select a NEW directory for the Oracle 8i software
5. Choose CUSTOM install
6. Select the following from the list of products NET8 Products Oracle Utilities (SQL*PLUS 8.1.6) Oracle Installer
7. When the software has installed choose Auto NET 8 Configuration
8. Add a new Oracle Alias for the target Client Server Encyclopedia (DBIE) database and test the connection.
9. Exit and run SQL*PLUS 8.1.6 to ensure you can connect to the CSE using the newly created Oracle Alias.
10. Run SQL Plus 3.3 to ensure you can still connect and use SQL*NET.

You are now ready to install CSE-Access / CSE-Edit.