Installing Multiple Servers

If you run multiple encyclopedias, you may wish to run Access Gen against some or all of them. To do this install a copy of the server for each desired encyclopedia. If you have the Access Gen servers hosted on a single machine, each server must reside in a separate directory configured with a different PORT number. Oracle users - a different Oracle alias needs to be specified for each encyclopedia. Each Server will need a different ODBC DSN specified for each encyclopedia.

Each server must be configured either at installation or afterwards by running svrsetup.exe, located in the Access Gen server directory.

To enable a client to look at more than one server run the cltsetup.exe, located in the client directory. Entering new configuration details here will append them to the client ini file, enabling it to point to multiple servers.

Note for multiple server installations, each server MUST run its own cache directory. This is because CA Gen issues the same Model IDs on each encyclopedia.